Inaugural Pismo Music Fest in November

Article Contributed by Euphoric Styles | Published on Sunday, October 9, 2016

For the first time ever, Pismocean presents an experience as musically savvy as it is exciting. The only thing more intoxicating than kicking your feet out on the beach, stretching your toes through the sand, and spending time around those that you care about, is flailing around in a crowd of hundreds of friends and strangers to music that will rock your world. All this, while still at an alluring beach destination. This November 4th-6th, 35+ artists will be performing, on two different stages, at the beautiful Oceano State Dunes for a music marathon that is sure to make you love the beach even more.

Pismocean has spent many months curating a lineup of internationally known DJ’s and artists who have proven themselves experts in their craftsmanship. While many festivals focus on having and perfecting a certain sound, this premier event includes many different genres of music without sacrificing any of the quality. This guarantees that there will be music fitted for anyone and everybody attending. If you have a busy weekend on the weekend of Nov. 4th, you better start canceling plans now because Pismo Music Festival’s debut is sure to be one for the books.

Even with this year’s hefty roster, the minds behind the festival are committed to organization, safety, and world-class production, so that everyone who comes out will be sure to experience the historic and renowned ambiance that the Central Coast has to offer. In order to preserve the area, the Pismocean Music Festival is going green this year so remember to clean up after yourself, enjoy our solar-powered charging stations, and most importantly have a fantastic and mind-opening experience.

We are absolutely honored to announce our first wave of performers who we feel represent the level of live experience, the wide range of musical talents, and community presence that our festival seeks to expose our audience to. Without further adieu, we give you the first wave of Pismocean Music Festival 2016’s Performing Artists.


Artist Spotlight:

Lee Burridge - At the top of London’s powerhouse talent, Burridge and his acid house sound have been gracing the ears of fans for 10+ years. This multi-talented musician is notorious for his unique sound, impeccable producing talents, and his stunning Burning Man performances. Watching Burridge is something you do not want to miss!

Gunslinger - A group of fantastic DJs, artists and producers emerging from the Los Angeles deep electro scene. Though their music is labeled electro it is very unique and incorporates many different genres into an upbeat, energetic sound.

DAVI - Pismocean is proud to demonstrate to Southern California what it truly means to dance - DAVI, a LA local, is an artist that helps us meet this goal. With splashes of classic rock influence, Davi’s genre-defying electronic sound makes it impossible to stand still. Known for his dark, yet melodic, beats DAVI has build a strong local following and has been playing venues all around the United States, sharing a piece of LA for those of us not lucky to be living there.

Lee Reynolds - Having performed his whole life, Lee Reynolds insists that dance music be uppity and fun, but very spiritual at the same time. This Desert Heart’s staple got his beginnings through west coast groups, such as Moontribe, Moonshake and LiB. Reynolds has been obsessed with rave culture since its UK roots in the late 80s. His passion and love of the genre shows within his music - “When I DJ, I want people to feel ecstatic, in a zone, in the moment, like the only thing that matters is the dance,” he says. What could possibly be better than a performer whose whole life and passion is making people dance?

Soluzion - Based out of Tobanga Canyon, Soluzion displays genre-mixing at the most radical and expert level possible. The multi-instrument band fuzes soul, funkadelic, and psychedelic rock in a way that is surprising but cohesive all at the same time! With Hendrix-like riffs and suave latin stylings, Soluzion always delivers great entertainment.

Pismocean Features:

- A three-day festival located in the famous Pismo Beach area.

- Pismocean is entirely environmentally friendly, providing solar-powered charging stations, biodegradable utensils, and bio-diesel fuel.

- Over 150+ hours of entertainment packed into three days and two nights. 

- Two stages of music and entertainment, both within walking distance.

- Bands, DJ’s, Artists, Yoga, Workshops, Surfing and Beach Sports.

- Located on the historic Oceano State Dunes

- Genres range from electronic to rock/funk/dub/indie-rock and everything in between!