Serenity Gathering Announces Final 2016 Lineup

Article Contributed by Euphoric Styles | Published on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mission: To bring happiness through the use of sound and human connection: May you never look at music the same.

About Us: We are a conscious gathering focused on art and music at the Lake Hemet Campground in the beautiful Southern Californian mountains. By featuring major and up and coming artists we aim to create an environment where positive connection is possible among like-minded people. You can expect an array of workshops, activities, and art installations. The body germinates, the mind sprouts, the soul nourishes, and the spirit blooms. Come be apart of our creative experience, and leave your your worries & stresses behind.

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So, what makes Serenity Gathering 2016 so special? There are a million festivals out there. Why should we take a chance on this relatively new & different festival?

The first two years of a festival are absolutely essential for molding a community and determining who is really dedicated. Serenity Gathering is proud to be entering year three with a fully committed family right next to us. Everyone who has gone to Serenity Gathering before has most likely experienced the undeniable sense of community, feeling of oneness, and loving vibes. Now, that we have worked through most of the organizational kinks, we are ready to take everything to an entire new level in 2016.

This year we are at a new location in Southern California and just like year one in 2014 we are back at a beautiful lake! The new lake-side location is surrounded by mountains, close to both Los Angeles & San Diego, and creates an intimate nature setting. At this new location, Serenity is excited to build an interactive space where people can co-create and live freely. If you enjoyed the custom art installations and attention to artistic details in the past, then just get ready for this year! The directors are working tirelessly to provide an experience that will leave you with a new sense of appreciation for life. In order to do this, we have hand picked an eclectic team of unique individuals to curate every minute of Serenity Gathering 2016. From the moment you enter the gates, till the moment you leave, we want you feeling euphoric! However, as you probably know, a festival’s magic is difficult to explain with words. The only way to actually feel the magic is to attend. So take the leap of faith and join us again for year 3!  Hope to see you on March 17th-20th weekend!

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