Santa Cruz Music Festival Adds More Artists

Article Contributed by Euphoric Styles | Published on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We’ve already announced five electrifying artists for the Santa Cruz Music Festival 2017 lineup, such as Louis the Child, Troyboi, G Jones, The Grouch and The Brothers Comatose. As if these acts weren’t enough to solidify two nights of exhilarating, body shaking entertainment, we went and booked plenty more incredible acts. SCMF has established a reputation for carefully selecting and curating nationally known acts as well as well-known local groups and bands, but this year we are outdoing ourselves. Our second announcement includes many incredible artists including The M Machine, The Coffis Brothers, Clozee, The Frogman Experience, Planet Booty, Slow Season, Treeherder, PartyWave, JINCO, and much more.

Not only are we proud to bring these excellent acts to the stages of Santa Cruz, but SCMF is offering even more stages (12+ stages) this year. SCMF is proud to include San Lorenzo Park to our list of venues. San Lorenzo Park will be the staple of community for SCMF, helping to express how much we would like to give back to the community as an event. Booths will be set up for Nonprofits and NGOs to spread awareness for their local companies. Other fun-for-all-ages events will be included at the park such as yoga, hullahooping, face-painting, and other community, fair activities. Throughout the past years we have established ourselves as fantastic entertainment providers, but this year we want to make sure that the whole family has a chance to participate and enjoy the incredible city of Santa Cruz.

The M Machine - From San Francisco, The M Machine provides an upbeat, house experience that is sure to get the crowd moving. Unlike other house groups, however, The M Machine does a fantastic job at incorporating beautiful, melodic breakdowns. Their recent EP, “Just Like” proves The M Machine is a hyper-creative duo that is here to stay.

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The Coffis Brothers - These rock and rollers stay true to their name, growing up and maturing in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Their songwriting shows how much they enjoy classic rock artists such as Tom Petty, Neil Young, and the Beatles. The most exciting part, however, is that The Coffis Brothers have successfully put a fresh and modern twist on the sounds of bygone era artists.

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CloZee - Residing in France, this electronic, ethno-fusion artist has won many awards for her unique style. Among these awards is the “Best International Newcomer of 2013” UK Glitch-Hop Award. Her music takes listeners on a journey through dance-oriented rhythms and worldly, tribal beats. A fan can never know what to expect with her next release other than, this is going to be awesome.

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The Frogman Experience - Residing out of Santa Cruz, The Frogman Experience guarantees a fun night, lots of laughs and a room full of dancing.

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Planet Booty - The electro-funk sounds of Planet Booty originated out of Oakland. Frontman, Dylan Charles Germick, preaches lyrics of self-love and positivity, but one wouldn’t know it because they are too busy dancing their ass off in the crowd. The genre-defying group of musicians are known for bringing so much energy to the stage that it is impossible to see them live and not become an instant fan.

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Slow Season - When listening to Slow Season it is easy to forget which era you are in. Bringing back classic rock influences, the band out of Visalia, CA throws a modern twist on songs that we throw on when we want to reminisce.

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Treeherder - Treeherder is a local “stoner-metal” group that has been taking the metal music scene of Santa Cruz by storm. Having played the major venues of Santa Cruz, multiple times they have grown quite some fan base here in the Santa Cruz area. They have currently released a demo and are waiting to drop the finished album. They are masters of anticipation.

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PartyWave - As one of the largest emerging artists in West Coast Bass music, PartyWave is an innovative machine that is merging the classical bass music with melodic influences and touches. PartyWave

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JINCO - With an astounding, cinematic sound, JINCO’s music is truly an experience. As one of the more successful musicians to come out of Santa Cruz in the recent few years, JINCO has tracks that have been listened to over a million times on SoundCloud and when you listen to his music, it is obvious why.

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SCMF Features.

A two-day, multi-venue festival located in Historic Downtown Santa Cruz.

Both Paid (Wristband) & Free to Public Events.

12:00pm - 1:00am on Saturday and Sunday , February 18th and 19th 2017

Over 150+ hours of entertainment packed into Two days

12+ venues, 15+ stages of music and entertainment, all within walking distance.

250+ bands, DJ’s and artists.

Interactive art walks brought to you by Made Fresh Collective

Located 1 mile away from the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Genres range from Rock, Indie, Reggae, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Metal and every sound in between.

Venues include The Catalyst Club , Motiv, The Blue Lagoon, San Lorenzo Park, Woodstock’s Pizza, Streetlight Records, The Poet & The Patriot, Rosie McCann’s, 99 Bottles, The Food Lounge, Felix Kulpa Gallery

SCMF Panel Discussion - Topics: State of Santa Cruz, Sustainability, Music Industry, Cannabis

Stay tuned for further artist and feature announcements, as well as ticket giveaway and videos.